How to use the Acne Spot Treatment:

Overuse or not following these directions could harm your skin or the product may not work for you.

DO NOT use if:
You're allergic to coconut, coconut sulfurs, or any of the other ingredients listed on the lab202 product packaging or inserts.
Unsure if you're allergic?
Test a small amount of the product on the back of your hand or your palm. If you don't get adverse reaction or redness, then it's probably okay to use on your face.

Excessive use does not make the product work faster.
In fact, it could harm your skin.
Do not open wounds, or other damaged or sunburned skin.

DO NOT USE On Whiteheads
As scaring or dark sports may occur.

Do not apply to open wounds, or other damaged or sunburned skin.

Morning, afternoon, and before bed. Do not use more than 3 days in a row.

How to use when you have Acne:

1. Wash and dry your face.
For best results, use our Super Clean Face Wash. Otherwise, regular soap and water is fine. Or use whatever face wash you're using now.

2. Apply the Ace Spot Treatment.
Twist open the Acne Spot Treatment stick, slowly take out the applicator, then apply to the effected area enough to cover it, but not saturated it. It should not drip or run. If it does, you've put too much on, so wipe it off gently and apply again per above.
Apply 3 times a day for 3 days. Do not use for more than 3 consecutive days. Your acne may be gone before 3 days, so if it is, please stop applying the serum.
There may be some initial redness or tingling where the serum is applied. That has proven to be normal and, in prior tests, has been a sign that the serum is working.

Does it have side effects?
For some people include:
Dry or peeling skin.
Skin that feels warm.
Tingling or slight stinging.

Call a doctor if you develop:
A rash or itching.
Blisters or a burning feeling.

How to use to prevent Acne:

You know that tingling or slight stinging feeling right before you get a pimple? Or the initial redness on your skin before the acne develops?
Apply the Acne Spot Treatment on that spot, make sure you don't over apply, and it should stop the pimple from forming.
At least it did in our live human tests.