How to use the Foaming Face Wash & Makeup Remover

Hello,  please use the Foaming Face Wash Makeup Removers as directed.

DO NOT use if:
You're allergic to Coconut, Coconut sulfurs, Grapefruit, Vitamin E, or any of the other ingredients listed on the lab202 product packaging or inserts.
Unsure if you're allergic?
Test a small amount of the product on the back of your hand or your palm. If you don't get adverse reaction or redness, then it's probably okay to use on your face.

Twice a day as a Face Wash
Mornings and before bed.

When needed as a Makeup Remover

Regular daily use:
Two or three pumps in your hand, then lather on dry skin to foam. Wash your face as you normally would. Rinse with warm water. When all foamy areas are washed, then rise your face again with cool water. This should leave your ski clean, tight, and without over drying.
Use when you have Acne:

Same as the regular user instructions, however, leave the foamed wash on the Acne area for 15 seconds before rinsing.
Then apply the Acne Spot Remover to the Acne but do not apply the Spot Remove to Whiteheads.